Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visit: April 8

I was at home with a sinus infection and watching my three year old son while I do homework. My mom called me up and asked if they and one of my nephews could come over for a while. I figured that would be fine because my son needed to get some energy out and a five year old nephew would help do that. My nephew was on spring break this past week so my parents were watching him because my sister is a single mother and this would shorten her trip to pick him up by about 45 minutes. I do try to be nice and help people out, no matter how much of an asshole they think I am.

I told my mom when she called that I am sick, I am not feeling good, and I am doing homework. 

"Oh, that's OK, daddy will probably fall asleep anyway." she said.

At the end of the phone call I say, "Alright, see you in a few hours."

Several hours later they show up, the kids go play in the basement, my dad falls asleep on the couch, my mom sits down in a chair, and I am doing my homework with a pile of used tissues beside me on the other couch. The TV is paused on Netflix playing "Toy Story 3" from when my son was watching it. 

Apparently, my mom cannot just be content in silence, "How's your computer doing?"

"It's fine, just like the last time you asked about it."

Overreacting, as it is typical with my mom, "I didn't come here to hear sarcastic comments from you I came to talk to you."

Ever the logical one, I say, "No, you came over to shorten [my sister's] trip, and I told you that I was sick, and I would be doing homework. I thought we covered that on the phone."

"Well, if you aren't going to have a conversation with your mother then I'll just watch TV."

Silently I hand her the remote, blow my nose, and go back to my homework. After about 45 minutes or so, I go outside to smoke (switch to menthol when I'm sick) and check my dog's water bowl. I come back in and return to my homework as my mom is watching "Lie to Me".

My mom figures she has been silent long enough, "What are you cooking?"


"Then what's that smell?"

I am a smoker and have a sinus infection, my sense of smell is hindered, "I don't know, I can't smell anything."

Still possibly thinking that I am hiding something from her, "I smell something burning."

At this point I'm getting a little annoyed, "I. Don't. Know."

"Then what do I smell."

Now this really confused me, I had never heard someone ask anything like this before. Like somehow one might sense what someone else may sense, especially when one of those people CAN'T USE ONE OF THOSE SENSES.

I respond, "I don't know what you smell, mom. How am I supposed to know what you smell?"

"I didn't come here to be berated by you..."

I remind her again, "I can't smell anything, I have a sinus infection. Not only that, I can't tell what another person smells."

Again speaking like I am lying to her, "Well, I smell something."

"That's good, I can't"